Customized .NET Software Development

IT departments have to respond to today’s fast moving, competitive business challenges. As business goals become more enmeshed with IT, application development emerges as the driving force for success. Changing and implementing application software at a pace which is aligned with your business needs is a challenge which is further complicated by the rate of change in the technology itself.

Quintessential Software Solutions (QSS) is a partner who insures that you will meet these challenges successfully. With QSS’s staff of highly skilled, multi-environment trained professionals, clients throughout many industries are assured success in meeting their business objectives. They have come to associate on-time and within budget application development as a trademark of Quintessential Software Solutions. If you need additional development resources, specialized expertise, or just a jump start to get started—read on to see the different ways QSS Services can help.

It doesn’t matter whether you have or are planning a two-tiered or three-tiered distributed processing architecture, are using development tools already, or are planning the strategy for a new architecture, our IT experts are thoroughly trained in all of these areas. We not only help you establish a plan, but we continue to work with you to assure that it is successfully implemented.

Quintessential Software Solutions maintains expertise in key application development tools:
  • Application development using various client/server and GUI development productivity tools, including C#, VB.NET from Microsoft, PowerBuilder from Sybase and Java from Oracle.
  • Application design using various productivity tools, including PowerDesigner from Sybase and Rational Rose from IBM.
  • Application development using conventional programming languages, including COBOL, Visual Basic, Java and C++.
  • Network and workstation setup for typical office environments, including Microsoft Office tools, Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft Windows Server, various Linux favors etc.

Application development projects are tailored for your specific needs – ranging from delivering turnkey solutions to providing specialized expertise. Quint’s development methodology accurately sizes projects insuring turnkey solutions are delivered within the expected time frames and costs. We work closely with your staff and users, communicating thoroughly with defined “deliverables” at every phase of the development process, specification, design, construction, testing, and implementation.

If your project calls for specialized expertise to complement your staff’s skill set, we have a broad range of proven skills and experience that you can leverage. We can supplement your resources by completing certain phases of the development process or we can provide additional developers, giving you the boost you might need to meet your deadlines. You will have access to the expertise you need, and pay for it only when you need it. Quint complements your resources in the way that will produce maximum return for your specific requirements.

Meeting business objectives, on-time and within budget are critical elements for companies. With Quint’s expertise, guidance, and superior support throughout your project, you can expect and depend on success—on-time and within budget.

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