Corporate Strategy

A business systems consulting and software development firm, Quintessential Software Solutions was formed in 1993. Today, the company, which is now privately owned, provides Business Process Improvement (BPI), work management, imaging, information systems management, education, and other types of computer consulting services to organizations around the world.

What makes Quintessential Software Solutions different from other consulting companies?

QSS’s professional staff not only has expertise in state-of-the-art information services technology, but also in business management. This enables QSS to devise advanced technology solutions that meet a client’s business, as well as technical, needs. In one case a BPI project for a leading software manufacturer led to a major revamping of their manual systems and then to a phased implementation of new automated systems. The benefits derived from modifications to an existing manual system are an important part of the QSS BPI approach. That is – to understand technology not be infatuated with it.

How has this attention to business issues influenced QSS’s evolution?

Initially specializing in business and relational data base consulting, QSS soon saw the need for advanced technology solutions that would not only help businesses perform specific tasks more quickly, but also make their work processes more efficient and productive. As a result, we expanded into the BPI and work flow/work management arena, becoming one of the first to enter this rapidly growing field.

As we grew we formed relationships with various software vendors. Our goal, as in all cases, is to strengthen our ability to provide the best value to our customers.

This attention to business has given us a client list that is impressive and satisfied. Quintessential Software Solutions is a cohesive combination of technical skills applied with a solid foundation of business knowledge. We have consistently delivered solutions that are:

  • On time
  • On target and
  • On budget.