Company Profile

Quintessential Software Solutions (QSS) in the development of computer applications for commercial organizations and businesses. Most of our software is developed for the Microsoft Windows environment running on the Intel Pentium platform.

Current strategic partners include Microsoft, the world’s leading software vendor for desktop solutions and Sybase, the world leader in client/server, distributed computing and relational database technology specializing in the production of leading edge software like Enterprise Application Server, PowerBuilder, Power Designer and Adaptive Server. QSS has been designing, developing and implementing technology solutions based on Microsoft and Sybase platforms. We also have a separate division that actively designs, develops, integrates and implements solutions based on third party software like SBT Accounting Systems, UA Corporate Accounting etc.

Innovation and stability are the winning features which earn us most praise. Systems implemented by QSS over the past ten years are still in daily use, including those developed as “short-term” solutions.

By focusing on superior project management, a strong commitment to quality professionals and structure, QSS provides an added value to our clients by providing high-quality, cost-effective software consulting expertise and solutions.