Backup Policy

We undertake periodic backups of data on our shared hosting servers, email infrastructure but the final responsibility for all backups of the data on your hosting packages rests with you. We strongly recommend that you take periodic backups and store them at your end so that you have multiple options in case of necessity for a restore. Our backups may be used for restoration of an entire server when needed but cannot be used to restore single accounts on request.

We strongly recommended that you make use of CodeGuard for reliable and cheap offsite back ups. Please contact Sales for more information.

On VPS, Dedicated servers, Managed Servers, OX Email we do not maintain any backups that can be restored on a per server or package basis. For Managed Servers, you can buy additional SAN storage or another server and request us for backup configuration and we will be able to set this up for you.

If there is a rule in iptables (server firewall) to block all connections or allow connections only from specific IP which does not include QSS Support IPs, we retain the right to reboot the server in single user mode, stop the iptables service and then access the server in order to check the abuse complaint reported without prior notice, if need be.